Musarara Micro Hydro Power Plant to Generate 438 KW

13.06.2012 11:14

This 12nd June 2012, the Rt. Hon. Prime Minister Dr. Pierre Damien HABUMUREMYI paid a visit to Musarara Micro Hydro Power Plant in Gakenke District, Northern Province.

Musarara Micro Hydro Power Plant a station meant to generate 438KW by the beginning of August 2012; this was confirmed to him by the SOGEMR constructors.

Prime Minister urged the project owner to work hard and meet his deadline. This project which kicked off in 2007 saw later on its progress slowing down due among other things to lack of funding.

Its first construction was supported by GIZ, the Germany development agency and its completion is expected this August 2012.

This Musarara Micro Hydro Power Plant will supply electricity to some 2000 people and to Shyira hospital and other nearby health centres.  

Minister of State in charge of energy briefing the Prime Minister on the Progress of works

Musarara river, a source of the Hydro Power Plant


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