The 9th Commonwealth heads of African Public Services forum opened

16.07.2012 14:42

This 16 July, 2012, Rt. Hon Prime Minister Dr. Pierre Damien HABUMUREMYI officially opened the 9th Forum of Commonwealth Heads of African Public Services, in Serena Hotel, Kigali.

He said that African public services need a visionary leadership that provides a framework for an effective public service delivery with a focused direction.

The Premier reminded his audience that in order to foster accountability, an effective and reward system must be put in place to ensure an efficient and effective service delivery to the citizens.
“Accountability is meant essentially three core purposes namely : to remove any abuse or misuse of public authority, to offer assurance of the good use of public resources and adherence to the law and public service values; but also to promote learning by continuously improving good governance and public management”, said Dr HABUMUREMYI.

The theme of the conference is “The Whole of Government Approach to Achieving National Development Goals”.

He further said that appropriate mechanisms need to be put in place so as to make sure that the rather limited resources, particularly of the developing countries, serve people’s interests and maximize satisfaction of their basic expectations.

Prime Minister said that people’s participation in governance of public administration is the main approach to ensure legitimacy and citizens’ trust in services delivered to them.

Delegations from various African Commonwealth Countries pose with Prime Minister


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