"The spirit of Rwandans remains intact" President Kagame.

05.10.2013 06:01

Addressing Members of Parliament after presiding over the swearing in ceremony of recently 80 elected MPs, President Kagame said that despite the scorching sun the Rwandan spirit did not melt but has remained intact and it will take Rwandans through another day, another month and many more years.

President Kagame said that those who judge us don't talk about how many women in parliament, children in school. They rather accuse us of having child soldiers in DRC. They treat us with injustice but our business is to make sure we work hard to be responsible for ourselves.

He thanked all these who participated in the past free, fair and peaceful elections urging these who sworn in to work and deliver results.

"The principles of democracy are the same everywhere but they need to be applied to our specific context and history. Democracy we believe in is not about copy pasting from contexts that are not our own, we believe in adapting it to our needs. The Rwandan people expect hard work from each of you and the determination to deliver results that benefit every Rwanda." Said President Kagame.

After the swearing in ceremony of all MPs, Donatille Mukabalisa was elected as the Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies and Hon. Mukama Abbas and Hon. Jeanne d'Arc Uwimanimpaye alected to be the Deputy Speakers of the Chamber of Deputies. 

The new parliament remains first in the world with the highest number of women represented at 64%.women represented worldwide with 64% women.


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