PM Ngirente visits agriculture and health projects in Kirehe District


Kirehe, 10th January 2020 - Prime Minister Dr Edouard Ngirente carried out a one-day visit in Kirehe District of the Eastern Province, where he visited various agriculture and health projects.

The Prime Minister’s field trip took him to the home-based Early Childhood Development Centre (ECD), the Buffet irrigation scheme, Nasho Government-funded irrigation scheme, Cyambwe Grouped settlement and Kirehe District Hospital.

At the home-based Early Childhood Development Centre in Nasho Sector, Cyambwe Cell, Gicaca Village, Prime Minister sightsaw the facility that provides initial skills and a balanced diet to children to allow them to grow mentally, physically and intellectually well.

The Premier also planted fruit trees in the IDP model village that shelters 143 households relocated from farmlands.

The visited Buffet Irrigation Scheme that is worth $30 million, was established in 2016; it covers 1173 Ha of land with the modern technology of pivot centreirrigation system and serves 2000 farmers grouped in NAICO Cooperative.

The Premier also visited the Government-funded irrigation scheme that covers 531Ha with a total cost of FRW 6.9 billion. This scheme mainly produces maize that rotates with beans after every agricultural season.

The two visited irrigation schemes that produce a big quantity of maize, beans, soybeans in Nasho, Kirehe District came as a solution to the long drought that used to affect farming in this area.

He as well visited a 40 Ha privately owned seed multiplication project, which deals in availing the hybrid maize seed in the Nasho irrigated land. He was explained how the company owned by former seed importers do the crossbreeding of the maize and their intent to increase their production to end importing seeds from outside the country.

Prime Minister Dr Ngirente concluded his visit at Kirehe District Hospital where he toured the hospital’s buildingsobserving how various health services are being offered. This hospital serves 17 health centres.