Cabinet Communiqué of 14.12.2020


On Monday, December 14th 2020, His Excellency Paul KAGAME, the President of the Republic of Rwanda chaired a Cabinet meeting at Urugwiro Village.
1. The Cabinet approved resolutions of the previous meeting held on November 27th 2020.

2. Given the current trend of COVID – 19, the Cabinet has postponed all national events including Umushyirano. This year His Excellency the President will deliver the state of the nation address in an interactive format with officials, citizens and media on Monday December 21st 2020.

3. The Cabinet reviewed measures to contain spread of the COVID – 19 pandemic.
The following measures will be enforced effective Tuesday, December 15th 2020. These measures will be reviewed after 3 weeks upon a health assessment.General preventive measures nationwide
a. From December 15th – 21st, movements are prohibited from 9 PM to 4 AM.
b. From December 22nd – 4th January, movements will be prohibited from 8 PM to 4 AM.
c. All social gatherings including wedding ceremonies and celebrations of all kinds are prohibited both in public and private settings.
d. Meetings and conferences should not exceed 30% of venue capacity. Event organizers must comply with all COVID –19 preventive measures. COVID - 19 tests will be required for all participants.
e. Offices of public and private institutions will operate at 30% capacity. Other employees will continue working from home on a rotational basis. 
f. Public transportation (buses) will operate at 50% capacity in compliance with COVID – 19 preventative measures.
g. Services at places of worship shall operate once a week at no more than 50% of maximum occupancy.
h. Funerals should not exceed 50 persons.
i. Attendance at a wake/vigil (Ikiriyo) should not exceed 15 persons at any one time.
j. All gyms and swimming pools are closed. However, those at hotels may be used only by tested hotel residents.
k. The national football premier league games and training camps are suspended except for national football team competitions and clubs involved in international competitions.

Specific measures in Musanze city.

a. Movements are prohibited from 7 PM to 4 AM.
b. Meetings and conferences shall be suspended for the next three weeks.
c. Services at places of worship shall operate once a week at no more than 30%of maximum occupancy.
d. Funerals should not exceed 30 persons.

All citizens are reminded of the critical importance of complying with health measures including physical distancing, wearing face masks and hand hygiene.
Penalties will be applied for non-compliance. All other existing measures and guidelines shall remain in force.

4. The Cabinet was briefed on the following:

- Progress in economic recovery and key priority areas for the fiscal year of 2021/2022.
- Findings of the 2019/2020 demographic health survey (DHS).

5. The Cabinet approved the following programs and strategies:
- Manufacture and Build to Recover program.
- Approval of companies licensed to carry out mining and quarry operations.
- Establishment of a milk powder plant.
- The Kivu boat and water activities project.

6. The Cabinet approved the draft law governing the office of the Ombudsman.

7. The Cabinet approved rationalized structures of the following institutions:
- Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning (MINECOFIN)
- Ministry of Health (MINISANTE)
- Ministry of Emergency Management (MINEMA)
- Rwanda Biomedical Center (RBC)
- Rwanda Food and Drugs Authority (FDA)
- Rwanda Housing Authority (RHA)
- Rwanda Land authority (RLA)

8. The Cabinet approved the following Presidential orders:
- Presidential order determining cyber security information classified as restricted.
- Presidential order establishing special statutes governing employees of the National Cyber Security Authority (NCSA).
- Presidential order determining the organizational structure and functioning of the National Cyber Security Authority (NCSA) organs and fringe benefits for its employees.

9. The Cabinet approved the following Ministerial orders:
- Ministerial order granting accreditation to East African Christian College(EACC).
- Ministerial order granting accreditation to the African College of Theology(ACT).
- Ministerial order determining a list of chemicals and other polluting substances that are not permitted.
- Ministerial order governing the use of substances that deplete the ozone layer or may cause climate change.

10.The Cabinet approved the agrément for the appointment of the following High Commissioner & Ambassadors to represent their countries in the Republic of Rwanda:
- Mr. Omar Talal Ali Daair, the British High Commissioner to the Republic of  Rwanda with residence in Kigali.
- Mr. Jamal M.H. Al-Madani, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to the Republic of Rwanda with residence in Kampala, Uganda.
- Mr. Zsolt Mészáros, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Hungary to the Republic of Rwanda with residence in Nairobi, Kenya.

11. The Cabinet made the following appointments:

Rwanda Utilities Regulatory Authority (RURA)
- Dr. Ernest NSABIMANA, Director General

Water and Sanitation Corporation LTD (WASAC)
- Alfred DUSENGE BYIGERO, Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Rwanda Housing Authority (RHA)
- Felix NSHIMYUMUREMYI, Director General
- Noël NSANZINEZA, Deputy Director General

Higher Education Council (HEC)
- Dr. Rose MUKANKOMEJE, Director General

Rwanda TVET Board (RTB)
- Paul UMUKUNZI, Director General

Financial Intelligence Center
- Jeanne Pauline GASHUMBA, Director General
- Jean Bosco MURENZI, Head of Compliance and Prevention Department
- Jean Marie NYIRURUGO, Head of Monitoring and Analysis Department

Business Development Fund (BDF)
- Vincent MUNYESHYAKA, Chief Executive Officer
- Rosalie SEMIGABO, Deputy Chief Executive Officer

Ministry of Health
- Dr. Corneille Killy NTIHABOSE, Head of Clinical and Public Health Services Department
- Dr. Parfait UWALIRAYE, Head of Planning, M&E and Health Financing Department
- Dr. Angelique MUMARARUNGU, Director of Planning and Health Financing Unit
- Donatien Ngabo NTAGARA, Director of Monitoring & Evaluation Unit
- Dr. Théophile DUSHIME, Chief Technical Advisor
- Mike HABINSHUTI, SPIU Coordinator

Rwanda Biomedical Centre (RBC)
- Dr. Swaibu KATARE, Head of Biomedical Services Department
- Dr. Albert TUYISHIME, Head of the Institute of HIV Disease Prevention and Control Department
- Eng. Francine MUTESI, Medical Technology Division Manager
- Dr. Gallican RWIBASIRA, HIV/AIDS, STI and Hepatitis Division Manager
- Dr. François UWINKINDI, Non-Communicable Diseases Division Manager
- Noella BIGIRIMANA, Research, Innovation and Data Science Division Manager
- Dr. Edson RWAGASORE, Epidemic Surveillance Response Division Manager
- Dr. Jean Nepomuscène SINDIKUBWABO, SAMU Services Division manager
- Robert RUTAYISIRE, National Reference Laboratory Division Manager
- Julien NIYINGABIRA, RHCC Division Manager
- Dr. Thomas MUYOMBANO, Blood Transfusion Division Manager
- Clarisse MUSANABAGANWA, Medical Research Analyst
- Muhammed SEMAKULA, Health Scientific Innovation Analyst

Ministry of ICT and Innovation (MINICT)
o Esther KUNDA, Director General for Innovation and Emerging Technologies
o Rodrigue Byuma RUHASHYA, Public Digitization Analyst
o Angelos MUNEZERO, Public Digitization Analyst
o Martine NEZERWA, Chief Digital Officer for Agriculture
o Roger MIZERO, Chief Digital Officer for Environment and Disaster

o Romalice ISHIMWE, Chief Digital Officer for Infrastructure
o Bella RWIGAMBA, Chief Digital Officer for Education Sector
o Ariane MUGISHA, Chief Digital Officer for Local Government
o Stella MURUNGI, Chief Digital Officer for Justice Sector
o Desire R. MANZI, Chief Digital Officer for Trade, Industry and Investments
o Fidel RURINDA, Business Analyst-MINALOC
o Pierre Celestin NIZEYIMANA, Business Analyst Gender and Family
o Darius MICO, Business Analyst, MIFOTRA
o Jacques KAYISIRE, Business Analyst, MINISPORTS

Rwanda Information Society Authority (RISA)
o Gloria INGABIRE, Enterprise Architecture Division Manager
o Maryse B. GWIZA, Digitization Analyst
o Edson MUGABO, Network Operations Analyst
o Gervais NGIRABARI, Software Development Analyst
o Halelluya IRADUKUNDA, Principle DevOps Engineer
o Solange KALEMA, Business Analyst Senate
o Alice U. KARAKE, Director General of Parliamentary Affairs and Plenary Services
o Thacien YANKURIJE, Advisor to the Vice President in charge of Finance & Administration

Rwanda Energy Group (REG)
o Dr. Didacienne MUKANYILIGIRA, Chairperson
o Pacifique TUYISHIME, Vice Chairperson
o Carine UMUTONI, Member
o Viateur MUGENZI, Member
o Jean Claude IRIBONEYE, Member
o Charles KALINDA, Member
o Clémence Rita MUTABAZI, Member

Rwanda Housing Authority (RHA)
o Claudine M. Solange NYINAWAGAGA, Chairperson
o Emmanuel TWAGIRIMANA, Vice Chairperson
o Anastacia Maria Rodrigues Vera Cruz, Member
o Remy Norbert DUHUZE, Member
o Valens UWINEZA, Member
o Alexia BYUSA, Member
o Thadée NYIRISHEMA, Member

Business Development Fund (BDF)
o Eric RWIGAMBA, Chairperson
o Solange IRAKARAMA, Vice Chairperson
o Josephine NYIRANZEYIMANA, Member
o Roselyne UWAMAHORO, Member
o Germain NIYOMUTABAZI, Member
o Dr. Octave SEMWAGA, Member
o Joselyne NSANZA, Member

Kigali, December 14th 2020

Dr. Edouard Ngirente
Prime Minister