Prime Minister presented the report on the implementation of resolutions from the 15th National Leadership Retreat


Gabiro on March 9th, 2019: In the 16thNatioanl Leadership Retreat opened today at the RDF Combat Training Center-Gabiro, the Right Honorable Prime Minister, Dr. Ngirente Edouard, presented the report on the implementation of 13 resolutions from the 15th Natioanl Leadership Retreat.

The Prime Minister revealed that the overall status of the implementation of resolutions is commendable. Our of 13 resolutions were that were taken and translated into 48 milestones, 37 of them were implemented betweeen 75-100%.9 milestones are on watch at 50-74%, whereas 2 milestones are lagging behind at  50%.

Some of the achievements from the implementaion of the last year’s National Leadership Retreat resolutions that the Primier mentioned include the following:

  • The planning of the 2018-2019 District performance contracts (Imihigo) were aligned to the national priorities, especially to the National Strategy for Transformation, 2017-2024 (NST1). This planning was aligned as well to specific local needs of each District.
  • Strategies to fight corruption in all public and private institutions were strengthened, whereby in 2018, a total of FRW were recovered from the embezzled public funds.
  • In the framework of supporting the development and expansion of secondary cities, the process of relocating some Government institutions  in secondary cities has already started. Initially, some campuses of the University of Rwanda were relocated. The Relocation proposal of other Government institutions was completed and will soon be submitted to the Cabinet for approval.
  • The Export Growth Facility (EGF) was reviewed and aligned with the National Strategy for Transformation (NST1).
  • Various strategies to improve the quality of Education at all levels were adopted and are being implemented.
  • In order to increase proximity of health care services to citizens, the construction works of health posts at Cell level were fast-tracked. In 2018, 103 health posts were constructed, against the target of 100 health posts.
  • The implementation of the Early Childhood Development Program was expedited.

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