Prime Minister presents Implementation status of the 16th Umushyikirano


Kigali, 19 December, 2019

Among 58 milestones made out of 10 adopted resolutions, 47 milestones were implemented at 75-100%, 7 milestones at 50 -74%, and 4 resolutions were implemented below 50%.

Prime Minister made the statement, on Thursday, at the 17th National Umushyikirano Council that convened at Kigali Convention Centre, while presenting the implementation status of the last year’s 16th Umushyikirano Council.

About the VUP loans to support vulnerable people, Prime Minister pointed out that loans worth RWF 435,489,200 were disbursed against an available budget of RWF 10,583,456,392 and that 4,199 projects were financed.

Speaking about Umurenge SACCOs non-performing loans, he said that RWF 4.15 Billion loans were recovered and 76% of the recovered funds (RWF 607,433,902) were recovered from public servants.

Premier Ngirente noted that in the establishment of post-harvest infrastructure, 24 maize warehouses were completed in 8 districts, 15 Mobile maize dryers were also installed in 5 districts, and 31 potato collection centres were completed in 3 districts.

“To eliminate malnutrition and stunting, 86,531 children between 6-24 months as well as 19,099 pregnant and lactating women received fortified blended food  ,” Prime Minister Ngirente said 

26,915 poor families received cows under Girinka Programme, 2,152 pigs were distributed to 30 cooperatives, 63,000 poultry were also distributed to cooperatives, the Premier added.

On improving the quality of education, the Head of Government said that 1,853,029 textbooks were printed and distributed to schools. 1,993 trainers were trained on pedagogy, ICT and English language.

About the promotion of Made in Rwanda, 102 new locally made products were certified; 57 Products received the Made in Rwanda Logo and 12 companies signed up for garment and banana wine value chains.

Within the framework of educating the youth about the history of Genocide against Tutsi, Dr Ngirente pointed out that various talk shows and sensitization campaigns were conducted in 264 Secondary School and 11 Universities and Higher Learning Institutions.

He further noted that in order to preserve Genocide memorial sites, the rehabilitation of Ntarama memorial site was completed at a hundred per cent and that 4,640 bodies and other Genocide physical evidence were conserved while 45,000,000 pages of Gacaca documents were also digitized.

On the resolution regarding the Long-Term Saving Scheme/Ejo Heza, Prime Minister Ngirente revealed that so far 280,272 have subscribed, with RWF 979,250,338 savings.