“Quality of education is the Government priority” PM Ngirente tells MPs


Prime Minister Dr Edouard Ngirente has told members of Parliament, both chambers, that the Government has introduced various incentives meant to improve the quality of education.

It was during an event that took place in the Parliament building, at Kimihurura, on December, 1st 2020, while he was addressing a joint session of members of Parliament, on Government actions in the education sector.

Prime Minister pointed out that various incentives have been put in place in order to improve the teachers’ livelihoods and called for a number of people to join the teaching profession so as to ensure the quality of education is at a best level.

“In order to keep on increasing the teachers’ capacity and to encourage people to join the teaching profession, the Government has availed various incentives which include, paying 50% of the school fees for pupils joining the TTCs, as well as considering education courses as the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) courses while allocating university scholarships.” Prime Minister Ngirente said.

The Government has also decided to give nonrefundable scholarships to all students who studied at TTCs and teach for 3 years. Moreover, university graduates shall have mandatory five (5) years of service to benefit the nonrefundable scholarship for Master’s studies.. He added.

Prime Minister Ngirente revealed that a 10% salary increment was made in March 2019, and another 10% additional increase was made in this financial year and teachers have started to get the amount on their account.

Article 133 of the Constitution stipulates that once in a session of Parliament, the Prime Minister informs both Chambers of Parliament in a joint sitting, about Government activities.

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