Cabinet Communiqué of 2.02.2021


On Tuesday, February 2nd 2021, His Excellency Paul KAGAME, the President of the Republic of Rwanda chaired a virtual Cabinet meeting.

1. The Cabinet approved resolutions of the previous meeting held on January 18th 2021.

2. To further contain spread of the pandemic, the Cabinet extended existing measures countrywide including the current lockdown in the city of Kigali from 3rd – 7th February 2021.

. Beginning 8th – 22nd February, the following changes will take effect.

Specific measures in the City of Kigali:

a. Movements are prohibited between 7 PM – 4 AM.
b. Public offices will be closed. All employees shall work from home, except for those providing essential services.
c. Private businesses will resume with essential staff.
d. Private businesses will resume with essential staff at no more than 30% capacity while other employees continue working from home on a rotational basis. Markets and malls will open for essential vendors and must not exceed 50% of registered traders. Businesses resuming operations must close by 5 PM.
e. All schools (public and private) including universities will remain closed.
f. Movement between Kigali and other provinces and districts of the country is not permitted, except for essential services or tourism. Tourists must possess negative COVID – 19 test results. Additionally, vehicles transporting goods will continue to function with no more than two people on board.
g. Public and private transport will resume within Kigali. Public transport (buses) should not exceed 50% capacity. Bus operators will ensure passengers maintain social distancing and only passengers with masks will be allowed onboard.
h. Motos and bicycles are permitted to carry passengers and must observe strict hygiene.
i. Physical meetings, events and gatherings are prohibited.
j. Gyms and recreational centers will remain closed. All swimming pools are closed except for those at hotels hosting tested guests. Only individual sports are permitted between 5 AM – 9 AM.
k. Restaurants and cafés will only provide take-away service.
l. All bars remain closed.
m. Places of worship remain closed.
n. Kigali international airport will remain open. Arriving passengers must present a negative PCR taken within 72 hours prior to first departure. Departing passengers must present a negative PCR test before departure. All arriving passengers must self-quarantine for 7 days and take a PCR test at the end of this period.
o. Tourism activity will continue in strict adherence with COVID – 19 health guidelines. This includes hotels, tour operators and transport services facilitating guests. Tourists and service providers shall inform RDB of itineraries.
p. Attendance at a wake/vigil (Ikiriyo) should not exceed 10 persons at any one time. Funeral gatherings should not exceed 15 persons.
q. Gaming activities remain prohibited.

Measures in the remaining part of the country:

a. Movements are prohibited between 7 PM – 4 AM.
b. Movement between districts is prohibited.
c. Schools will continue while respecting COVID – 19 control measures.
d. Places of worship remain closed.
e. All social gatherings and events including religious wedding ceremonies, receptions, meetings and conferences are prohibited.
f. Public transport including motos and bicycles will continue.
g. All bars will remain closed.
h. Public gyms and swimming pools shall be restricted from the public with the exception of tested guests staying at hotels.
i. Attendance at a wake/vigil (Ikiriyo) should not exceed 10 people at any one time. Funeral gatherings should not exceed 15 persons.
j. Gaming activities remain prohibited.

3. Considering severity of the COVID – 19 pandemic, the Cabinet approved a Ministerial order on the postponement of elections of Local Government and other specific elections that were scheduled for February and March 2021.

4. The Cabinet approved the concession and land lease agreements of the new Bugesera international airport project.

5. The Cabinet approved the following draft laws:
- Draft law approving the ratification of a loan agreement between Government of Rwanda and Export-Import Bank of Korea for the electricity transmission grid expansion project, signed in Kigali, Rwanda on December 9th 2020.
- Draft law approving the ratification of a loan agreement between Government of Rwanda and African Development Bank for the Muvumba Multipurpose Water Resources Development Program, signed in Kigali, Rwanda on January 29th 2021.
- Draft law amending the law relating to civil, commercial, labour and administrative procedures.

6. The Cabinet approved a Presidential order determining professional ethics for public servants.

7. The Cabinet appointed Prof. Alexandre Lyambabaje as the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Rwanda (UR).

8. The Cabinet approved the agrément for the appointment of Mr. Luke Joseph Williams as High Commissioner of Australia to the Republic of Rwanda, with residence in Nairobi, Kenya.

9. The Cabinet granted Rwandan nationality to the following:
- Mr. Dale Dawson
- Mr. Yann Gwet
- Mr. David Toovey

10. AoBs

The Minister of Sports informed Cabinet on participation of Rwandan teams in the upcoming international competitions, which include the TOTAL CAF Confederation’s Cup (in Tunisia and Rwanda) and FIBA AFROBASKET Qualifiers Windows II (in Tunisia). The games are scheduled for February 2021.

Kigali, February 2nd 2021.

Dr. Edouard Ngirente
Prime Minister