Cabinet Communiqué of 19.02.2021


On Friday, February 19th 2021, His Excellency Paul KAGAME, the President of the Republic of Rwanda chaired a virtual Cabinet meeting.

1. The Cabinet approved resolutions of the previous meeting held on February 2nd 2021.

2. The Cabinet reviewed measures to contain spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The following measures will take effect nationwide, starting February 23rd – March 15th 2021.

a. Movements are prohibited between 8 PM – 4 AM. All businesses must close by 6 PM.
b. Public offices will resume with essential staff at no more than 30% capacity while other employees continue working from home on a rotational basis.
c. Private businesses will continue with essential staff at no more than 30% capacity while other employees continue working from home on a rotational basis. Markets and malls will continue for essential vendors and must not exceed 50% of registered traders. All businesses must close by 6 PM.
d. All schools (public and private) including universities shall resume.
e. Movement between Kigali and other provinces and districts of the country is not permitted, except for essential services, medical reasons or tourism. Both local and international tourists must possess negative COVID – 19 test results. Additionally, vehicles transporting goods will continue to function with no more than two people on board.
f. Public transport (buses) should not exceed 75% capacity. Bus operators will ensure passengers maintain social distancing and only passengers with masks will be allowed on board.
g. Motos and bicycles are permitted to carry passengers and must observe strict hygiene.
h. Restaurants and cafés shall resume with a 30% occupancy limit and shall receive clients until 6 PM. Takeaways or food delivery services may operate until 8 PM.
i. All bars will remain closed.
j. Places of worship will resume with no more than 30% maximum occupancy.
k. Kigali international airport will remain open. Arriving passengers must present a negative PCR taken within 72 hours prior to their first departure. All passengers must take a PCR test upon arrival, and passengers staying in the country longer than one week, must self-quarantine for 7 days and take a second PCR test at the end of this period. Departing passengers must present a negative PCR test before departure.
l. Tourism activity will continue in strict adherence with COVID – 19 health guidelines. This includes hotels, tour operators and transport services facilitating guests. Tourists and service providers shall inform RDB of itineraries.
m. Physical meetings are prohibited.
n. Individual and non-contact outdoor sports activities are permitted. The Ministry of sports will provide detailed guidelines.
o. Gyms and recreational centers will remain closed. All swimming pools and spas are closed except for those at hotels hosting tested guests.
p. Attendance at a wake/vigil (Ikiriyo) should not exceed 10 persons at any one time. Funeral gatherings should not exceed 20 persons.
q. Civil and religious weddings will be allowed but should not exceed 20 persons and must comply with all COVID – 19 preventive measures. Receptions are not permitted.
r. Gaming activities remain prohibited.
Citizens are reminded of the critical importance of complying with health measures including physical distancing, wearing face masks and hand hygiene. Penalties will be applied for non-compliance.

3. The Cabinet approved the following:
- The revised national gender policy.
- The revised sports development policy.

4. The Cabinet approved the following draft laws:
- Draft law approving the ratification of a loan agreement between Government of Rwanda and the OPEC Fund for International Development, for the Rwanda universal energy access project, signed in Kigali, Rwanda on February 11th 2021.
- Draft law establishing Itorero of Rwanda.

5. The Cabinet approved the following Ministerial orders:
- Ministerial order determining radio communications license fees.
- Ministerial order relating to operations of private security service providers.

6. The Cabinet made the following appointments:

Ministry of Education (MINEDUC)
- Pascal GATABAZI, Chief Technical Advisor
- Christophe NSENGIYAREMYE, Director General of Sector Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation
- Rose BAGUMA, Director General of Policy and Analysis
- Jimmy Christian BYUKUSENGE, Director General of Corporate Services
- Eric NIYONGABO, Advisor to the Minister of State in charge of TVET

National Examination and School Inspection
- Dr. Bernard BAHATI, Director General
- Vianney Augustine KAVUTSE, Head of Department of Basic Education and TVET Quality Assurance
- Dr. Alphonse SEBAGANWA, Head of Department of Basic Education and TVET Examination
- Angelique BONEZA, Division Manager of Basic Education and TVET Quality Standards

Rwanda Basic Education Board
- Dr. Nelson MBARUSHIMANA, Director General
- Leon Mugenzi NTAWUKURIRYAYO, Head of Teacher Development, Management, Career Guidance and Counselling Department

Rwanda Polytechnic
- Dr. Sylvie MUCYO, Deputy Vice Chancellor in charge of Training, Institutional Development and Research
- Dr. Aimable NSABIMANA, Deputy Vice Chancellor in charge of Administration and Finance

Rwanda TVET Board
- Solange UWAMAHORO, Head of Training Management Department
- Aimable RWAMASIRABO, Head of Curriculum and Instructional Materials Development Department

- Dominique INGABIRE, Principal
- Leonard MANIRAMBONA, Deputy Principal in Charge of Academics and Training

7. AoBs
- The Minister of Gender and Family Promotion informed Cabinet about celebration of Women’s Day scheduled on March 8th 2021.
- The Minister of Agriculture and Animal Resources informed Cabinet on Rwanda’s participation in the UN Food Systems Summit 2021, scheduled in conjunction with the UN General Assembly in New York, in September 2021.

Kigali, February 19th 2021.
Dr. Edouard Ngirente
Prime Minister